About Us

Often, inspiration hits at the most inconvenient time. Annie knows that her strength lies in her ideas and not in her artistic skills, so she prefers to use words to describe her designs in a “visual” diary alongside a very basic sketch.

Her design process is also very organic. She sits down in her studio, and she start playing with the metal and shapes and stones. She adds a bit and takes a bit away, and slowly a piece emerges.


Saturday 4 Nov

Kalamunda Artisan market Saturday from 8.30am til 2pm

Sunday 5 Nov

Perth Makers Market, Goolugatup, Heathcote, Applecross Sunday, from 9.30am til 3.30pm

Sunday 26 Nov

Perth Upmarket, University of WA from 10am til 4pm

Saturday 2 Dec

Kalamunda Artisan Market from 8.30am til 2pm

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